Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Passover 2012: Parsley Semifreddo with Manischewitz Syrup

I've long been of the opinion that food can represent a great many things, that it can point to the bigger ideas in our lives. And so it's no surprise that I gravitate towards holidays like Passover, where the very meal itself is a symbol of big ideas—namely liberation, in all senses of the word. It's a weighty concept, for sure. But it's also lovely and light. And a bit of fun. Like this semifreddo.

This recipe, my particular contribution to the pantheon of Passover desserts, takes two familiar seder flavors—parsley and Manischewitz wine—and combines them into a sweet confection (I initially attempted to throw in a third traditional note, horseradish, but that was quickly realized to be a Truly Terrible Idea). Fresh green parsley infuses some heavy cream, which is whipped into peaks and folded with beaten eggs, then frozen into lovely ice cream-like concoction. The slightly-vegetal herbal note of parsley is tempered by the dairy, and then sweetened by everyone's favorite kosher plonk, Manischewitz. You can find the recipe (along with a revamped much-easier-and-even-more-perfect version of my favorite blueberry macarons) over at The Oregonian.

And I apologize for the late notice, as I'm sure all those who celebrate are already finished with their preparations (if they, like good responsible grownups, actually pull things together in advance). As for me, I'm still mopping the floor, game-planning a reprise of my favorite Sephardic Passover feast, and desperately trying to figure out how I can fit nearly twenty people into my tiny house (don't ask). Oh, freedom.


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