Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hamantaschen Redux

This Sunday marks the Jewish holiday of Purim, which marks the baking and distribution of hamantaschen. Although some have debated otherwise, I'm of the opinion that these cookies can be one of the loveliest examples of Jewish cuisine -- a flaky, tangy, buttery little hand-held jam tart. Except often, they're not. If you'd like to avoid dry, chalky cookies, and bake up hamantaschen that can win any debate hands down, click on over to the The Oregonian and pick up my recipe.

And if you're looking to burn off calories (rather than piling them on in a fit of jammy comfort-food deliciousness), I recently produced a radio story about exercise equipment that can turn your sweat equity into electricity. You can listen over at NPR's All Things Considered.


  1. There's an entire section of my grocery store dedicated to Passover foodstuffs, Purim cookies and kosher everything. So when I went there last night, I got really stoked to make hamantaschen, and I'll probably be trying out your recipe! Thanks for posting this, Deena.

  2. Wow, I heard that NPR piece -- pretty interesting! And, boy do I love hamentaschen... Oh, yeah...