Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Classic Latkes

It's back-to-back latkes! I'd apologize for the lack of variety, and for the fact that I'm yet again shunting you to another website to get the recipe (this time to The Oregonian), but honestly I'm too busy trying to avoid skinning my knuckles on the box grater to care. Hannukah starts this week, people! Where did that come from?

In addition to preparing for our own household celebration, I'm busy filling our freezer with a small army of potato pancakes for our annual Latkesplash party. I'll probably also make a batch of ruggelach, and a pot of matzo ball soup to warm people up (and round out the Taste of Ashkenaz sampler). But, as the party title suggests, it's all about the latkes. And my latkes, they are delicious. Check out the story here, and learn how to make simple latkes stellar.

And as a bonus, I toss out another oil-themed tidbit: a recent radio story I produced on Oregon farmers who are trying to grow olives. Happy Hanukkah!


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