Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kreplach Redux

It seems I've been somewhat remiss this Rosh Hashanah. Yes, I told you about a galette that played on the traditional flavors of the holiday, mixing crisp apples with rosemary-infused honey. But I somehow forgot to tell you about my kreplach. I wrote about kreplach here last year, when I first figured out how to make the lovely wonton-like packages on my own (thanks, egullet!). But last week I ran a story in our paper plumbing the history, significance and technique behind this delicious-yet-unfortunately-named dumping, and somehow I forgot to tell you all about it. Oops! I'm atoning for it now -- you can follow the link and read the details in The Oregonian.


  1. I'm not a practicing Jew, but I can totally eat like one, right? Because this soup and your galette have me drooling all over my office keyboard. (I know, I know. It's unbecoming. But...yum.)

  2. I just spent last weekend rolling out a quadruple batch of these with a WASPy friend -- no Jewish blood required for full enjoyment.

  3. That fact that you didn't tell us about it meant i got a fun little surprise as i perused the FoodDay in the break room at work! I was telling everyone "i know her!"

    Thanks for including a vegetarian variant, too.